Temple Rage

What if Jesus came and was very angry, “fit to be tied”? It is true and is in the Bible. (JN 2: 13-18) In this program, Fr. Mike reviews the story of Jesus in the temple, clearing out all the people selling animals. He even overturned the tables of the money changers. Though it is true that animals were needed for the sacrifices in the temple, it seems that the balance was gone. Sometimes we can become so concerned about money, that we lose our sense of freedom. We need always to realize our dependence upon God. Fr. Mike then talks about other examples of the anger of Jesus, especially in the Gospel of Mark. How do we reconcile being kind and having anger? He looks at good anger and bad anger. When we bottle up our feelings of anger, stifle it, then one day it will boil over and explode in unacceptable ways. We all have experienced times like this.