Other Ways

A Charitable Gift Annuity with Wordnet Productions

In the interest of providing the best and most secure annuity options, Wordnet Productions has contracted with the National Catholic Community Foundation (NCCF) to manage our annuities. They offer several viable opportunities. These are available for your perusal at the NCCF website: www.nccfcommunity.org.

Visit them and click on “Planned Giving” to study all that is available. Call them for suggestions and brochures. Once you are satisfied that this is for you and Wordnet Productions, please telephone Brother Stephen Pardy, SVD at 909-383-4333 ext 9 or send e-mail to dev@wordnet.tv.

In this time of financial crises Annuities offer a guaranteed source of income with better interest rates than are available with the banks. They also provide substantial tax incentives.

You can also try calculating the returns yourself. Starting with $10,000, simply go to:


Wordnet Productions Endowment Funds

The Kindness of Strangers…

Such has been the source of the present endowment to date. One anonymous donor has started our Endowment funds with a contribution of $700,000. This generous laborer has heard the Master’s call to join in the harvest and is a welcome partner in spreading the Gospel and its good news.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment fund works like a permanent savings account. The amount you give, which is the principal, is never spent. Only the earnings are spent for the purposes that you designate.

Why are Wordnet Productions’ endowment funds so important?

Wordnet Productions’ endowment earnings are divided among various funds to provide support for programs, equipment and enhanced production possibilities. Some endowment funds have been restricted to fund certain programs that are offered by Wordnet which make it possible for the donor to specify how they want their donation to be used. This Catholic Television endowment funds include:

  • Wordnet Productions’ Endowment
  • Equipment Endowment
  • Programming Endowment

Is it possible to designate a gift to a specific endowment?

Yes! All donors are welcome to direct Father Mike and Wordnet Production staff as to how they want their money to be spent. A gift of $10,000 or more (only $500 or which can be spent on a yearly basis) would allow the donor to name an endowment of their own.

How can you help the endowment grow?

Depending on the type of gift you would like to make, Wordnet Productions is equipped to accept gifts of cash, stock, annuities, and real estate.

Deciding to make a gift to this Catholic Television apostolate is an important one. Please contact our Development office at (909) 383 4333 or dev@wordnet.tv to inquire about making an endowment contribution or planned gift to this Catholic Television Production facility and help us share God’s love and God’s word.

Wordnet Productions is an important contributor to Catholic Television. Your support will make a difference in the quality of services and programs that Wordnet offers to folks like you on a continuing basis on TV and through the power of the Internet. In addition, your generosity demonstrates your commitment to the intellectual and missiological mandate of Christ himself allowing all of us to say with Matthew (24:14) “and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations.”

Your Will: A Gift to Wordnet Productions

Wills offer many donors a way to make gifts, which might not have been possible during their lifetime. You can include a gift for Wordnet Productions in your Will and continue partnering with our mission.

Making a will is not difficult. Here are three possible ways you might consider:

  • I give, devise, and bequeath to Wordnet Productions, a corporation created under the laws of the State of California, located in San Bernardino, CA ________% of my estate.
  • I give, devise, and bequeath to Wordnet Productions, a corporation created under the laws of the State of California, located in San Bernardino, CA the sum of $__________.
  • (To make a bequest after other bequests have been granted):

All the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, including real and personal property, I give, devise, and bequeath to Wordnet Productions, a corporation created under the laws of the State of California, located in San Bernardino, CA ____________% of my estate.

IRA and Other Retirement Plan Assets

The balance remaining in your retirement account after your death is often subject to double taxation if it passes to your heirs, taxed both as income and as an estate asset. The result is that up to 75% of the value may have to be paid toward taxes. By designating the remaining balance of your retirement account to WORDNET PRODUCTIONS and using other assets for gifts to your family, you can make a sizeable charitable contribution while still providing for your loved ones.

Q. How do I donate an IRA to charity or give as a gift?

A. The best way is to name the charity as the beneficiary of your IRA upon your death. This helps avoid the heavy tax burden when you take money out while still alive. If you withdraw money prior to age 59.5 and donate the money to charity you will still have a 10% early withdrawal penalty, so if you plan to give them ongoing income, it is better to wait until you are older than age 59.5

Wordnet Productions Legacy Circle

When making plans to include Wordnet Productions in your estate plans, please let us know so that we can included you in our Legacy Circle. Don’t “hide your light under a bushel!” Let us recognize you now and thank you in person for partnering with us in our combined missionary efforts.

Matching Gifts

Such gifts can double an individual contribution. Many companies will match the charitable gifts made by their employees. Check with your personnel office for details.

And as Father Mike says: “May Jesus’ love for you make you smile!”

The Word in the World (28:30 minute program) Presentation / Interview Format

Writer $ 900
$ 650
Director $ 900
& others
$ 1,650
SUBTOTAL $ 4,100
$ 450
Director $ 450
Two Cameras $ 900
Audio $ 450
$ 350
Engineer $ 450
Floor Manager $ 300
Make-up $ 250
Talent $ 2,000
(lights & tapes)
$ 275
Studio Rental $ 500
Catering $ 250
Set Designer $ 250
SUB TOTAL $ 6,875
Editor $ 1,325
$ 300
Dubbing $ 200
Music Rights $ 150
Mailing/Postage $ 300
Half Hour Air
$ 1,750
SUBTOTAL $ 4,025

In our long range planning there are many needs. You may want to contribute toward one of these items.

Location Production
High definition field camera 8,320
Camera accessories 1,406
LED* lights with accessories (3 @ $1,500) 4,500
Studio production – Video

Digital HD video recording system (HDVTR)
Digital HD cameras (3 @ $30,000) 90,000
Light dimmers, control unit 22,000
Switcher monitor 23,900
Underwriting of one program 15,050
Design and construction of new set 1,000
Studio production – Audio
Near-field audio monitors (2 @ $500) 1,000
Studio – Editing 
Closed captioning web-based
srvc 1 yr (50 programs)
Blu-ray recorder 1,500
Upgrade of Avid editing
High definition card for non-linear editing
Furniture 1,200
DVD/Blu-ray player 800
Procurement/ purchase of units 50,000
Moving: cement foundation; installation, etc. 30,000
Architect; renovation, parking configuration 45,000
City permits 2,000
Repair / re-paint wrought
iron fence (c. 600 feet)
Repair asphalt; re-painting
of parking space
Re-painting of entrance
Storage Room
Shelving 500