Social Media Church

There is not much evidence of the Catholic Church in social media today. In this interview with Bishop Gabino Zavala, Chairman of Communications for the Catholic Church, Fr. Mike and the Bishop discuss the reasons for this and also the many ways that the Church IS encouraging the use of mass media. The Bishop talks a bit about the many duties of a Bishop and the problems that one has to face daily. Bishop Zavala is Chair of the Communications Committee which is working with pastors to encourage the people in the pews to become partners in mission through their access to Face Book, email, and other forms of communications. The Church wants the people to use these modern means of communication to spread the Good News of the gospel. One collection each year is taken up for Catholic Communications. Half of the funds collected is awarded to projects in keeping with the priorities of the Church in this area. The Bishop also spoke of how the Church is in dialog with those of other faiths. This ongoing communication is important for all to understand each other and help bring peace to all.