Restorative Healing

We hear a lot about killing and violence in our world. Where do we stand with regard to the victims and those who perpetrate these terrible acts?

Fr. Mike interviews Fr. George Horan, Board Chair of Healing Hearts, Restoring Hope, who has worked for twenty-eight years in the area of restorative justice in the jails of LA County. There are seven jails in the county with approximately 18,000 people there.

He tells many stories of the prisoners, some of whom are there for life. There are programs offered to them – education, GED, life skills, anger management, healing addictions. Much is done to help them better their lives, whether they will be released or will spend their lives in jail.
Most interesting is the work Fr. George does with the victims of crimes to help them heal and to restore hope for them. There are even some who meet with the family of the perpetrator or with the perpetrators themselves. It can be a healing experience. The two of them also discuss the death penalty.