Systemic Racism with Rev. Daniel Horan, OFM

Fr. Daniel grew up as a white male in the United States and clearly identified with the norms of a privileged individual. However, in light of recent tragedies and political redress to racism in our country, Fr. Horan has challenged himself and challenges all of us to step out of our comfort zone to discuss the painful history, to see what patterns have formed and to ask ourselves, “what does it mean to be white, black or brown?”

Racism works in a structural way – through institutions, laws, and relationships. It is not one directional. There are the disadvantaged and harmed vs the advantaged and privileged. He will discuss what we can do as Catholics and how we can take responsibility as a people of faith towards the social evil of racism.

Are you ready to begin the discussion? Join us as we bring attention to this difficult area of global concern.

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