Strangers, Migrants and Refugees

Fr. Soney Sebastian, SVD, talks with Fr. van Thanh Nguyen, SVD, about his new book on Strangers, Migrants and Refugees, a topic so relevant for our times. Fr. Nguyen is a refugee himself, as was his family, and so can speak from personal experience. They were among the “boat people” and then while in the US, Katrina hit and they lost everything again.

He explores what causes people to become migrants and refugees and then what happens to them on this journey. Many are exploited and abused and live with the threat of harm to their families back home. As we know, human trafficking is very prominent among these groups. Fr. Nguyen shows how full the Bible is of the stories about migrants and refugees, from Moses to Christ himself. He dispels the myths surrounding them and then ends with sound advice of what we can do.

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