Promise Made, Promise Kept

Christmas and Easter….In this lecture Grayson Brown talks about the Promise Made at Christmas and the Promise Kept at Easter. Using the Christmas song – Christmas Dream – he points out the melancholy sometimes associated with the feast. It all depends on what is happening in our lives at the time. But we all want peace, the peace that the Christ Child brings and wants all to have.
Easter brings Resurrection and hope after Christ suffers and dies. Grayson Brown tells the story of a woman who lived in a drug-infested neighborhood where many were dying. She began confronting the dealers. They threatened her and eventually killed her. But the neighbors would not let her life be in vain. They all rose us to change the neighborhood. With Easter Resurrection God changes the rules. He says whoever acts as my son did, I will raise that person up. The Promise Made at Christmas is the Promise Kept at Easter. He ends with a prayer for all: “I pray – never give up hope. Remember you cannot defeat hope, truth and goodness.”

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