Creating and Defending a Culture of Life

Dr. Petrusek continues the series on Reasons to Believe with this discussion on the Culture of Life. He explains that in order to accept life in its fullness we have to understand the culture of death. He compares the characteristics of each culture of life and culture of death. In culture of death truth is relative. It is good and attractive to live according to that reality. Sin is attractive; evil is attractive. You are your own god, create your own truth. So,
1. You relativize truth
2. Relativize human Life.
3. Relativize family.

In the Culture of Life

1. Recognize objective truth
2. Protect human life; life has dignity.
3. Family is the cornerstone.
If we care about human life we can’t ignore culture of death. 25% pregnancies end in abortion. There is a massive spike in suicides. This happens if we take away our reasons to live.

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