Forming a Conscience

Reasons to Believe Series
Forming a Conscience
By Dr. Matthew Petrusek

In today’s final episode of Season 2 of Reasons to Believe,
Dr. Matthew asks the question, “How to Form a Good Conscience”?

He guides us on how to process this understanding from a secular view versus a Catholic view.

Dr. Matthew explains that the secular conscience relies on self; so, we allow ourselves to become our own standard of the Truth while the Catholic conscience considers God into process and allows us to form Truth or moral good, through the conscience of God first because of our belief that God is a merciful judge and grants us His grace and mercy.

Further, Dr. Matthew reminds us to beware of our critical errors when we use our own means to tempt God. Just like the 10 Commandments tell us what not to do, one option for our conscience is to “recognize the power of the command and never act contrary to it.” Rather, turn to positive obligations that we find in the Beatitudes or the Corporal and Spiritual Acts of mercy. There are numerous ways to serve but how best to carry out these obligations, one may need to use discretion.

What are the challenges you find in making a good and moral decision? Spend a few moments with us as we grow and build a Hierarchy of Good.

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