Listen to Him

“Sometimes in life we think that God is asking us to make difficult important choices. Only love and change can transform our lives.” Fr. Soney then goes on to explain the scene of the Transfiguration. He gives the circumstances before and after that event and the confusion the disciples had over the type of Messiah Jesus really was. He explains the symbolism of the cloud and the mountain, of the two who appeared there –  Moses and Elijah – and especially of God’s words:

“This is my beloved son. Listen to him.”

Fr. Soney talks of the four elements of listening:

  1. Hear – we need to pay attention.
  2. Understand what we are hearing.
  3. Assimilation – apply it to  my own life.
  4. Action– help me to change, transform my life.


Fr. Soney assures us that God is listening to us. Do we listen to God?

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