Food for Faith

Food For Faith welcomes Rosalie Vilchis, Religious Education Director of St. Catherine of Siena, Rialto.

Today’s faith sharing is truly an example of what it is like to work in parish life. Rosalie shares her story and journey of working as a media personality and coordinating events behind the scenes. From award ceremonies, Super Bowls and the Hollywood Christmas Parade, Rosalie shares joys from her days as a young adult to her life as a Deacon’s wife and working in the church.

So, who is Rosalie? She is a woman of faith who loves God and does everything with a great smile. This is her balance “to love the Lord in all things”.

Rosalie speaks on a few of the programs she leads at St. Catherine’s; from Baptism to Marriage Preparation, she gives us a good understanding of what these programs are and why they are necessary to the growth of our faith.

Rosalie plays an important role as an advisor to the Diocesan Liturgical Commission and Catechetical Committees. Her work and that of all parish leaders stems from the decisions made in these groups.

Lastly, Rosalie shares her story of her own marriage and tells of her husband’s journey from a Protestant son to Catholic Deacon. Rosalie is a proud child of God and always ready to serve? How will you respond to the challenge to serve God in such a great capacity? Take a few moments to be in awe of this beautiful sharing.

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