Reasons to Believe

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A FREE 2019 lecture series by Dr. Matthew R. Petrusek, Associate Professor of Theological Ethics,  Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles to be available on WordNet TV

YOU ARE INVITED to participate in the recording of the these lectures!

(1)  Monday, August 12 – Is it still possible to speak about “the Truth”?

(2)  Friday, August 23  – Integration of Faith, Reason, and Science

(3)  Monday, August 26 – Classical Arguments for God’s Existence

(4)  Friday, September 6 – Moral and Psychological Arguments for God’s Existence

(5)  Friday, September 13 – The Genius of Monotheism

Please RSVP for each lecture at 909-383-4333 or 888-496-7363.  All lectures begin at 7 pm and conclude with audience response by about 8 pm.
Please plan to arrive by 6:45 pm.