Truth Talks

In the last couple of months Wordnet live-streamed four more “Truth Talks.” These are programs that highlight the Good News with an emphasis on theology, right relationship, unconditional love, transparency, and happiness. In these sessions, the presenters share their experience and offer a living witness on a particular topic/subject. Recently we aired presentations by Rabbi Hillel Cohn, Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Emmanu El, San Bernardino, Sr. Joan Marie Sasse, OSB, Sr. Kathleen Warren, OSF, Fr. Alexi Smith and Fr. David Andel.

Rabbi Hillel Cohn clarified the connection between Judaism and Christianity with a special emphasis on Catholicism. He spoke about the importance of dialogue with each other and listening.

Sr. Joan Marie Sasse, OSB spoke about that special Light within us and how this Light that reflects and radiates out from us needs to shine brightly. It needs to be felt and seen. This light has the power to connect, heal, and radiate power and energy. Referencing the scriptural passage, “I am the light of the world,” she shared the importance of letting that precious light within us shine out to the world.

Sr. Kathleen Warren, OSF presented a comparative reflection on Pope Francis and Saint Francis of Assisi. She referenced the saint’s encounter with the Sultan and our Pope’s recent visit to Iraq. Sr. Kathy is a scholar of interreligious dialogue, particularly Muslim-Christian interaction, from a Franciscan perspective. Presently, she is the Director of the Office for Women Religious in the Diocese of San Diego.

Fr. Alexi Smith spoke on the topic on Christ’s words, “That All May Be One,” highlighting the need for unity among the divergent churches and faiths. Unity does not mean uniformity. What is needed is greater dialogue and sharing. God is so much more than our narrow images of him and there is so much more to see and understand. Fr. Alexei Smith is the Ecumenical and Interreligious Officer of Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Fr. David Andel tells us about the importance of “Creating Sabbath Space in your Life.” He stresses the need for taking a break and time off in our life and ministry. The Lord built into the week a holy day of rest and recuperation, and we need to keep it holy. There is always more work to do, so we are lax in keeping that same commandment that we preach to others. We forget that creating space for the Sabbath in our life is an essential aspect of being a balanced human being, let alone a good Christian. Presently, Fr. David Andel is the Director of the Office of Canonical Services and Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of San Bernardino.

You can access these “Truth Talk” presentations anytime on the YouTube Channel of Wordnet.