The Only Lesson – with Bill McKenna

Who is God in your life? Is God a fearful judge or a God who loves you and will never let you go?
In this interview, Fr. Mike asks Bill McKenna about his journey from viewing God as judge to seeing God as a loving God.
Bill was an Irish Catholic altar boy for whom God was a judge. But then he had an awakening that occurred after an accident on his yacht when he ran into a rock outcropping. This was the beginning of his conversion, as it were. He had a girl friend whom he didn’t understand. So he read and read to try to find out why this was happening.
It ended up that he began to understand himself more. He began to learn how to let go of resentment and anger and to learn how to forgive others.
When he did this, he found benefits to himself were multifold.
He was opening the door to wisdom in his life. Learn what these benefits were.