Struck by God. True God

One of the questions that Christians have grappled with is this: Is Jesus God? St. Paul has much to say about this.

In this next program in the series on Paul, Fr. Mike traces the history of the doubt about the divinity of Jesus in the early days of the Church, as well as now.
He explains that the gospels verify the divinity. Then in 325 the Council of Nicea clarified this doctrine which is enunciated in the Nicene Creed that we still use today.

Fr. Mike then turns to Paul and the story of the killing of Stephen in the Acts of the Apostles. Stephen’s Song is sung by Greg Schreiner from the play, Paul, A Musical by Fr. Mike Manning,  (Music by Sally Wolf, Lyrics by Alicia Rowe).

Fr. Mike points out all the times that Paul reinforces his deep belief in the divinity of Jesus and the three blessings that come from this belief.