Struck by God: Thanksgiving

We need to be people who give thanks to God in all things, as St. Paul tells us. Fr. Mike quotes St. Paul as he speaks of giving thanks, twice in the letter to the Colossians and once in 1Thessalonians.

Gabriel Silva sings “It’s a Big Hearted Freedom” from Paul, a Musical (Music by Sally Wolf, Lyrics by Alicia Rowe) written by Fr. Mike and produced in 2009.

Calling St. Paul a “Lone Ranger”, Fr. Mike shows how Paul was a fundraiser, seeking financial assistance for the Christians in Jerusalem when he traveled to Turkey and Greece. Paul makes a connection between giving and a spirit of thanks.

Fr. Mike then shows how many times Jesus gave thanks. This section ends with the song “Love” from the same musical.
He explores the questions: Does God give thanks? What keeps us from being a thankful person?