Struck by God: Paul’s Letters

We communicate today in various ways: letter, phone, email, still pictures, even video online. All this communication is available to the world through the internet. All we have of Paul are his letters. In this program, Fr. Mike gives an overview of the letters of Paul – to whom they were written, what questions and problems he was addressing, etc. Some of the issues covered were death, end of the world, slavery, place of women, divorce, forgiveness, faith in God, suffering.  Sounds like questions of today, doesn’t it? He mentions how many letters were really written by Paul and where the other came from. When speaking of 1Corinthians 13 on the topic of love, we hear “Love” sung by Gabriel Silva (Music by Sally Wolf, Lyrics by Alicia Rowe  from the play Paul, A Musical written by Fr. Mike Manning ) Fr. Mike gives suggestions on how to study Paul and talks about the other letters to the Galatians, the Thessalonians and the Philippians. One of the questions Paul had to deal with was that of circumcision for the Gentiles. They didn’t want to submit to this to follow Jesus. Another song from Paul, the Musical sung by the cast tells their story: We Won’t Be Circumcised Today.” This is a delightful end to the overview of Paul’s letters.