Struck by God: Marriage

Fr. Mike asks “How can I get your attention? Perhaps if I talk about St. Paul and sex and marriage?  Will that do it?”
In this next in the series on St. Paul, Fr. Mike speaks of the positive and negative sides of sex. He gives several quotes from St. Paul on the topic. He looks at the teachings of Jesus on sex and then asks “Was Jesus a family wrecker?” Some quotes seem to imply that the disciples abandon their families. But later on we find that Jesus goes to Peter’s house and cures his mother-in-law. Another time, we find that Peter goes back to fishing and he brings his wife with him when he goes to preach in Corinth .
These examples help to bring a balance to our understanding.
St. Paul has some strong statements, some positive and some negative on women. Fr. Mike looks at that issue, obviously disturbing to today’s modern woman.
At the end of the program, Fr. Mike poses some challenging questions for further reflection.

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