Struck by God – Holy Spirit

An important reality today is our hunger to be accepted, to be appreciated. What if God said yes to that? – ” I love you, I accept you, I deeply appreciate you.”

In this program, Fr. Mike traces God’s acceptance of us through the writings of St. Paul and the workings of the Holy Spirit. He speaks of us as temples of the Holy Spirit. What is our hospitality of that gift? Do we acknowledge it or ignore it?

Fr. Mike speaks of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we enjoy, both in ourselves and in others.
What happens if we can’t pray or even don’t want to pray? St. Paul says that the Holy Spirit pleads for us to the Father and the Son. He is our Advocate. Fr. Mike explains what he thinks Paul means when he speaks of spirit, soul, and body.
At the end, there are questions for discussion.