Strong in Faith

Sometimes we might be “wishy-washy” with regard to our faith. There are times when we need to stand up for what we believe.In this program, Fr. Mike looks at our natural faith in pilots and doctors and then at our faith in God.In our pluralistic society, there are many faiths and some say one is as good as another. But, Fr. Mike says, we must be convinced that we have chosen the faith- religion- that God wants for us. And be convinced of it, even willing to die for it.We do need to respect others and their beliefs, but we must be willing to say out loud, yes, this is what I believe.He then goes on to talk about children and faith. Sometimes parents just let the children go off and experiment with any religion they want. Others work very hard to ground their children in the faith of the parents, and then find that they abandon it after all that was done to promote and strengthen it during their growing years. Fr. Mike has advice for these parents.