Prayer Power

God can move in your life even under traumatic circumstances and even if you are a famous sportscaster. In this program, Ross Porter, a very famous Dodger sportscaster, tells Fr. Mike about his career, beginning at age 14 in Oklahoma.

He started on radio announcing for school games. He loved the “play by play” calls and soon advanced to high school sports, to college, to NFL (7 years there) and finally to the Dodgers. Then something happened to Ross. Because of heart problems, he had to have a defibrillator inserted into his heart. This worked for some time. But then he had an episode that put him in the hospital. He was sent home and then special circumstances occurred and he was back in UCLA, a different hospital. He had a Code Blue and was “dead” for several seconds. This experience had a great impact on his life.He learned much during this time, especially finding God in so many people and in so many ways.