Pain Management

What do you do when you have a chronic illness? How do you explain God to yourself? How do you deal with others? In Fr. Mike’s interview with Aletha Kuenstler,a nurse,psychotherapist, and someone who lives with several chronic illnesses herself,  she shares some of life’s lessons she has learned both professionally and personally while in the “school of suffering” .
Aletha and her husband, David, were preparing to be medical missionaries in Kenya when she became ill. They had only been married six months when her physician gave them some devastating news, that she had less than six months to live.This occurred in 1978. She talks about what has sustained her all this time. The doctor who originally diagnosed her illness could not believe this was the same person when he saw her two years later. How people react to those with chronic illness is another topic Aletha discusses.
She also offers practical advice to those who are ill, including journaling in three different journals. She uses HOPE as the symbol for four things to do for yourself.H – hope in research and the development of new treatments as well as the establishment of an intimate relationship with God as the Greatest Physician. O – Optimistic with an attitude of gratitude P – priorities and pacing yourself E – encouragement of yourself and others.
You will be inspired and encouraged by Aletha Kuenstler’s message.