Optimistic God

Don’t you hate a pessimist? One who always see the dark side of life? It is so much better to be with one who is optimistic, isn’t it? Imagine God as optimistic! In this context, Fr. Mike looks at the gospels and explains how God is optimistic, even when we fail. He dramatically tells the parable of the sower and the seed and compares this with a baseball player. Imagine that one! Then Fr. Mike looks at all the times that Jesus failed in his life. But even through failure, God works miracles. This is so pertinent to our lives, when we seem to fail more times than not. God still is optimistic and will help us through. God will bring good out of it all if we are confident and share the love of God that we have in our hearts with others.The program ends with a lively rendition of Shout to God by Tess Narciso and The Blessing band..