Neither Do I

During his lifetime, Jesus meets some unsavory people. In today’s program, Fr. Mike speaks about his encounter with the woman taken in adultery. This story is in the eighth chapter of the Gospel of John. Fr. Mike retells the story in an interesting way, quoting the law as found in the first books of the Bible and then in the Law of Moses as the Scribes and Pharisees were enforcing it. They wanted to “catch” Jesus by dragging this woman before him. But Jesus was wiser than the Scribes and Pharisees and knew how to teach them something about life at the same time. So he began writing on the ground. We don’t know exactly what he wrote, but it was enough to cause the condemning men to turn away. Fr. Mike then draws out the lessons in all this for us to ponder. We need to get away from generalities and judgments of others, and offer them a second chance as Jesus does.Fr. Mike then spends some time talking about why adultery happens today and what we can do to live in a brand new way.