Mission Minute News from Wordnet Productions

Wordnet started the long awaited Mission Minute News program on its streaming and YouTube channel. Wordnet has published and aird three episodes of the Mission Minute News already. The first episode was published on 3rd August. A new episode will be published every other Mondays.

It is a 30 to 45 minutes long program. It focuses on local, national and international programs related to the Church. It highlights current events and happenings. The program also highlights the activities of the Divine Word Missionaries specifically in the three provinces and also around the world. The news is presented by Sr. Jeanne Harris, OP one of the staff of Wordnet. The news and stories are collected and contributed by the staff of Wordnet.

We welcome information and news stories. Please contact anyone at Wordnet if you have a story to be reported, stories and activities of your parishes and ministry sites. You can also access the last episodes of the news by visiting our YouTube channel. The next episode is scheduled for 14th of September.

Mission Minute News Vol 1 No#3

Mission Minute News Vol 1 No#2

Mission Minute News Vol 1 No#1