Miracle Upon Miracle

Sometimes many things, bad things, keep happening in our lives. We wonder when will it all stop? What can we do? Well, a couple in this interview by Fr. Mike, Calvin & Denise Claire, experienced things that most of us will never know. Their first house began sliding down the hill and broke the sewer system. So they had to move. Then at the second house, a one hundred year old tree fell and broke the water and gas lines. So they had to move again. If this wasn’t enough, their 23 year old son, Michael, contracted thyroid cancer. He lost 40 pounds and had to undergo a series of treatments for this. After two years he is back as a fireman and is free of cancer.It is marvelous to see how this couple with four sons coped with all these tragedies. To top it all off, they then tell the story of how Calvin went from being a fireman to becoming an avocado farmer.
You won’t want to miss this inspiring and wonderful story.