Mary’s Mercy

We all know the story of Damien, the Leper. This dedicated priest served the lepers on Molokai and died at an early age of this dreaded disease. But Fr. Damien has a lesson for all of us.In Mary’s Mercy, Fr. Michael Barry tells of the influence of Damien in his own life. In this interview with Fr. Mike, Fr. Barry says “We think we’re moving with the Lord but sometimes the Lord pulls us in a different way.” That is certainly true of Fr. Barry. He talks of how his own life was changed when a priest said to the congregation in which he was, “You Catholics just talk….talk…talk….Go out and do something.” Then he tells the beautiful story of how he literally helps feed the poor now with dignity and respect. Mary’s Mercy helps deliver over 8,000 meals a month. Don’t miss this inspiring story.