Love Based Faith  with Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI

Is there hope for us today and where is God when we need him ? Father Mike and his guest Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI take on this topic and throw a light on where God is in this quest.  More importantly, where are WE?  God is like the GPS on our cars.  The GPS guru never scolds, is never rude.  He just recalibrates, constantly forgives and is ALWAYS there.  Not a bad metaphor for our own lives. We live in a dysfunctional world as well as a dysfunctional church but there is no other way the world OR the church works.  “Will you too walk away?” Jesus asked Peter!  To which Peter replied “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life.…”There is growth and there is hope.  Watch this fascinating interview and understand how you can grow and appreciate God’s presence in your own life!