Lost Boys of Sudan

What would you do if war came to your land and you were uprooted from all that is familiar and had to walk thousands of miles to escape? That is what happened to about 36 to 40,000 young boys in Sudan in the 1980’s. They are known as the “Lost Boys of Sudan.” Atem, a Lost Boy himself, tells of his journey and his hopes for his beloved country. He now works with Lisa Marie Johnson at Mary’s Project in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In this interview we learn about the civil war and how these boys had to flee for their lives, living for a time in refugee camps in Ethiopia and then in Kenya. 3600 of these young men were selected to be brought to 36 different American cities. Australia and Canada also received them.
Fr. Mike asks Lisa about her trip to Southern Sudan. She tells of her visit and the incredibly beautiful people she met there. She stresses how important it is to “step out of our comfort zone” and become deeply enriched in the process.