Life At Last

We hear a lot about crimes of robbery, murder, bombings, etc. What about white collar crimes?
In this interview with Fr. Mike, Wid Bastian tells of his successful life in securities as a stock broker. Things were going well, but then he drifted into dishonesty when he needed the money. He admits now that this can be devastating to the victims. He told lies to cover up his mistakes.
He was a fugitive for 14 months, ends up in jail and then the conversion really began.
Imagine having a conversion experience in jail! But Wid did just that. He also realized while in prison that he had pursued the wrong career. He is really a writer. He had written one novel before prison. While in jail, he wrote Solomon’s Porch which is now doing well.
He says that he realizes some think that prison conversions are shallow. He knows that his was not. HE did change. Realizing that he hurt a lot of people, he now tries to strike a balance in his life by coming to terms with it all.