Life Assured

If you love Jesus, you have to love life. As followers of Jesus, we have to make sure life in the womb and life outside the womb is protected. In this program, Fr. Mike interviews Lutheran Pastor Jason Kilian who believes “Every baby is a miracle.” Pastor Kilian is involved with Assure Pregnancy Clinic which has two branches (Fontana and Montclair) in southern California. These clinics offer support for the mother and child after the birth. The Pastor gives such statistics as at two weeks there is a heartbeat and at ten weeks the infant’s feet are defined. 75% choose abortion without knowing all the facts. They also talk about the after effects of sadness and depression that often accompany an abortion, as well as other physical, mental and emotional outcomes. The Pastor was careful to explain that their mission was not to condemn the person but to offer help to the women. There are two segments with Lori Bryant who is in charge of Community Education at the clinic. She explains why some women choose abortion and that this decision is often made in times of crisis. The Clinic offers education for the women, her parents and the father, all of whom can influence the decision. The program also included statements from Kirk Bauer, CEO of Assure Pregnancy Clinic. He explains that the Clinic offers pregnancy consultation free of charge to anyone in need, including a free lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasound for confirmation. Educational, emotional and spiritual support services are also provided by a caring and compassionate staff. Fr. Mike and Pastor Kilian end the conversation by discussion of other life issues that need our attention and prayer.