Life a Treasure

What do you do when you have a child who is physically challenged? How do you care for them, love them? How do you experience God in their lives? Fr Mike interviews Lisa Manning, a mother of a physically handicapped son. Lisa and her husband, John, were told that Lucas, their premature son, would not survive. He is now 20 years old. They talk of those twenty years with the joys and struggles and the effect on others. Lisa knows that parents with special needs children usually end up in divorce. That is not the case here. She and John explain how they coped, actually how they thrived. They also talk about how we should react when seeing a child, or an adult, who is physically challenged. These extraordinary parents started a baseball club for special needs kids. Called Baseball Buddies, each child is paired with a high school teenager as a “buddy” who helps them play the game. What a rewarding service on all sides! You will be inspired by Life a Treasure.