L’Arche Joy

One of the beautiful aspects of Christianity is reaching out to people we might forget and making them feel at home. Jeni Baird, Executive Director of L’Arche Wavecrest in Orange, CA, talks to Fr. Mike about how she experiences Jesus in serving the poor.

L’Arche was established 50 years ago by Jean Vanier. One day he decided to invite two developmentally and intellectually challenged men to come home with him and join the family circle.  Now there are 134 like communities serving the needs of these people by providing homes for them.

L’Arche Wavecrest,  the only L’Arche  in California, is one of these homes.
Jeni talks with Fr. Mike about how families and friends should deal with those who have disabilities. She speaks of the emotional challenges, as well as the rewards of this ministry.

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