K of C Mission

The Knights of Columbus is a men’s organization in the Catholic Church which provides a variety of services for those in need. In 1882 Fr. Michael J. McGivney  was at a wake in his church and became aware of how destitute the widow and children were. So he gathered some men from the parish to help them.
Thus was born the Knights of Columbus. It is now an international organization of over two million members.
John Riordan told Fr. Mike that the Knights have a real sense of community and support and love of each other. This seems to provide a place for men in the Catholic Church. But it doesn’t stop there. The Knights became active in answering the needs of those affected by such events as 9/11, Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti. They are also involved with Pro Life issues, Rancho San Antonio run by the Brothers of the Holy Cross (the Boys’ Town of the West) and run a large insurance program.
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