Jesus Reps

Sometimes we think of Christianity as Jesus in my heart. But that’s not all! The call of Jesus is to proclaim the Good News to the whole world. Fr. Mike talks about some people who really took this call seriously. People like Paul, who was unstoppable, went many places to preach the love of Jesus. Others include St. Francis Xavier, St. Patrick, Fr. Junipero Serra, and Amos, the prophet in the Old Testament. Then, of course, Mother Teresa who spent many years in India.
Fr. Mike then goes on to tell the story of Kateri Tekakwitha who is to be canonized. This young woman born in 1656 was a native American and knew the struggles of living in their villages in the 1600’s. Hers is a wonderful story that you won’t want to miss. Fr. Mike also recommends seeing the movie Black Robe which tells of other missionaries and what they went through.The point is: Jesus wants you and me to help spread the Good News to all in the whole world. Take that challenge!