Hues of Joy

God gives us gifts to share with others. Today’s guest, John August Swanson, shares his unique gift of art to help us know God a little better. In this interview by Fr. Mike, John tells us of his early background, his interaction with Corita Kent, another famed artist, and his own struggle to find himself and to find the gift hidden within him.
Out of depression and discouragement has emerged this wonderful artist with a unique gift of silk screening. John explains some of his paintings in the interview…and how the painting reflects life for him and for us. In the one entitled Psalm 23, he used 47 overlays of color. He goes on to explain The Last Supper, The Procession David & Goliath, Take Away the Stone and Come Out of the Tomb. As he shows the art, John unveils the religious meaning and the hope that underlies each of them.