Home Run for Christ

Imagine a great baseball player, five times an All Star and he makes Jesus the center of his life! That is the true story of Mike Sweeney. Mike spent over 20 years in professional baseball – 15 of those in the major leagues.He maintained a 297 batting average and hit 215 home runs.In this interview Fr. Mike talks to Mike Sweeney about how this came to be. It started in 1991 in Chino, CA when a priest questioned him about his relationship with Christ. With that event, his journey to a stronger, more personal faith began.Mike often uses a scripture passage to explain or illustrate what is going on in his life. He tells the story of how he met his beautiful wife, Shara, and their involvement in Rachel House, a crisis pregnancy center. There were ups and downs in his career, but he realized early on that what was important is who he was and not what he did.You will want to hear Mike’s story of why 2Timorthy 4:6 – 8 is one of his favorite scripture passages.