Holistic Healing

Sometimes we have to go to the hospital. We’re concerned about our physical well-being but we also need God at this time.
In this interview with Fr. Mike, Fr. Chris Ponnet talks about his twenty year ministry as hospital chaplain. Right now he is Director of Spiritual Care at LAC & USC Medical Center.
As we all realize, Fr. Ponnet says, “life and death are fragile.” He talks about his ministry as being a “story catcher”, talking to people of all faiths – or no faith at all – about their lives.  He usually asks questions about how they find meaning in life, what gives them hope, what about relationships and is there a need for reconciliation in any phase of their lives. Almost everyone has a story to tell about one or more of these areas.
He even has an app that helps him with people from different faiths!
Toward the end of the interview they discuss ethical questions about the end of life, assisted suicide and the death penalty. You won’t want to miss Holistic Healing.