Heart of Agape

What if God said to you: “I want you to share my love with as many people as possible.” Would you be able to do it? In this program, Al Mozino tells Fr. Mike just how he has done this in his life. Al was inclined to Church even though his parents didn’t attend an organized church. As he grew up, he began to realize how important community is to nourish our faith, giving the support needed to remain faithful. Al Mozino is the RCIA Director at Blessed Teresa Church in Winchester, CA. There he teaches about the Catholic faith, from the prayers, to the Mass and Scriptures. He explains about the faith in easy to understand language. He has also written a book entitled Getting to Agape – A Lesson on Love. In this he explains God’s unconditional love.Toward the end of the interview, Fr. Mike and Al get into a personal discussion about asking God for forgiveness with a contrite heart. You don’t need a formal prayer to do this – just go to God on your own. God knows what in within.