Good News in Ghana

When we Americans say “our church” we usually mean the church in the US. But the church is universal. In this program we see the vitality and life of the Catholic Church in Ghana. Rev. Gabriel Kumordji, SVD, is Bishop of a Vicariate in Ghana which has 14 priests, 17,200 Catholics, 500 settlements with 19 parishes and 100 stations. They depend greatly on 102 lay ministers to teach catechism and prepare people for the sacraments. The priests are only able to get around to everyone about once or twice a month. But the Church is growing there as well as in the whole of Africa, according to Vatican statistics. In this interview by Fr. Mike, Fr. Gabriel gives a wonderful picture of the celebration of the Eucharist. Wait till you hear how they have the monetary collection during the Mass! Fr. Gabriel then goes on to explain his relationship with Jesus and how this helps him to face the Aids pandemic and ethnic conflicts in the country.