God’s Women : Sarah

Can you imagine a woman being sold into a harem by her husband? Can we find God in the midst of this?
In this program, Fr. Mike tells the story of Sarah, the wife of Abram, who lived in Ur, southern Iraq today. They were well off but were asked by God to leave and go about 900 miles to a new land, today’s Holy Land. They listened to God and obeyed what they thought was the will of God.
On their way, Abram passed Sarah off as his sister rather than his wife to protect them both. This is when she was put into a harem.
One of their biggest sorrows was that they were unable to have children. So Sarah took things into her own hands and had her maidservant, Hagar, bear a child for them.
Later on, when Sarah was 90 years old, the visiting angels told Abraham that Sarah was to bear a son. Sarah overheard and laughed out loud, finding this unbelievable. Then when Isaac is born, Abraham believes that God is asking the ultimate sacrifice of this son. Imagine what Sarah must have been going through at this time!
Fr. Mike looks at what lessons we can get from thus story and then poses four questions for prayer after studying and thinking about Sarah.