God’s Women: Rachel

We all know about falling in love. Are there stories about falling in love in the Bible?
In this program, Fr. Mike talks about Jacob falling in love with Rachel. It was love at first sight.

Fr. Mike gives the historical context of the story of Rachel, including the deception of Laban, her father — actually a major deception. Then Laban manipulates Jacob again, asking that he work seven years for Leah, the older sister, and then seven more years for Rachel.

Applying this story to us today, Fr. Mike talks about the reality of falling love, what this means now. He  gives 20 things people can do to help save a marriage.

What about falling in love with God? Fr. Mike convinces us that it is possible and desirable.

One other lesson from the story of Rachel is the struggle in marriage when one spouse is unfaithful. It is amazing what the stories in the Bible can teach us!