God’s Women: Judith

All of us want to look attractive and do things to help that happen. Where does this all fit in God’s plan?
Today’s story is about a woman, Judith, who did just that in order to trap an enemy of her people.
Fr. Mike gives the historical context, as far as is possible. Some facts in this tale are not historically accurate but the lessons remain.
Judith, a widow, wanted to help save her people. So she went to the city council and told them that she could do this. Indeed she made it happen.
As you may remember, she dresses up to seduce the enemy leader, Holofernes, and ends up killing him.
Quite a story! Fr. Mike then spends some time talking about topics that apply to us today. Some of which are 1) the drive to be attractive 2) shame 3) murder as a means to doing a good 4) the place of the military and 5) the call to be extraordinary.
He ends with questions to consider when studying Judith.
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