Global Relief


TV can be a bridge bringing the tragedies of the world into our living room and challenging us.
In this interview with Fr. Mike, Sergio Lopez of Catholic Relief Services tells his story. He learned to be a person of service from his own grandmotherwho was the inspiration of his life.
Now he is called to be “the salt and light of the world” and responds to the natural disasters of the world through his work with CRS (Catholic Relief Services).

Sergio also tells of his trip to El Salvador to help train youth leaders. They were present for the celebration of Bishop Oscar Romero who died as a martyr for the faith and was declared “venerable”.
He goes on to tell of the signs of hope that he witnessed in El Salvador amidst all the sufferings of the people.
Fr. Mike asks: “What can we do?” Sergio has the solution – PLAG. Watch the show to find out!.