Francis Effect Part 2

With Pope Francis’s visit to Philadelphia coming up in September, there is much talk about the family. Cardinal Rodriquez, in this second interview, tells us what Pope Francis has to say about the family, homosexuality and women in the Church.

The Cardinal talks about his own diocese where there are one and a half million people and only 800 marriages. At the town hall, there are only 1200 marriages  listed. The truth is that people are living together without being married. That is a very different story from years ago.

Fr. Mike and the Cardinal talk about this reality and what effect this has on the Church.  He then talks about homosexuality – and the fact that we cannot discriminate, judge or condemn them. As for women in the Church, he says “Why not have women participate more in decision-making roles in the Church?”

The Cardinal ends the interview with a prayer for the People of God.