Faith to Follow: Samaritan Woman

There was a woman, of a different religion, who had been married five times – and Jesus turns her life around. What a story! Fr. Mike turns to the gospel of John for this story of the Samaritan woman. He looks at the history of women at the time of Jesus and all that they couldn’t do. Besides being professional mourners and confined to domestic duties, they could do nothing else. That’s why it is extraordinary that Jesus talks to this woman. AND, she was a Samaritan besides, despised by the Jews. Fr. Mike goes on to explain how Jesus treats her even though she had been married five times. Not only that, but he empowers her to go and share the good news with others. Sometimes we get “used to” the stories of the gospel. We hear them and take them for granted. Don’t miss this program by Fr. Mike for a fresh new look at this wonderful story.