Faith to Follow: Nicodemus

How do we encounter God? How do we get to know him in our own lives?
In this program, Fr. Mike talks about a fascinating man, Nicodemus,and how Nicodemus can help us strengthen our own faith.
Using the Gospel of John, Fr. Mike reads that Nicodemus “comes at night” to question Jesus. He was part of the religious institution at that time. There were priests, levites, elders, scribes and, of course, the Sadduccees and Pharisees, as well as the court of the Sanhedrin.

Jesus was a threat and so Nicodemus was careful.
Fr. Mike speaks of the threats we might encounter and how the story of Nicodemus can help us. He explains what Jesus meant when he said we need to “be born from above” and we “don’t know where the wind blows” and how these apply to our lives.
Sometimes we forget essential elements of our faith. It is important to be reminded once again and what better way than through the
story of this man, Nicodemus.