Faith to Follow: Nathaniel and Philip

Sometimes deep in our hearts, we might sense that we do harbor a bit of prejudice. What about an apostle who does just that as well? In this program, Fr. Mike continues with a deeper exploration of faith by studying two more men of the Bible: Nathaniel and Philip.He looks at Philip first. Philip was from Bethsaida, a town influenced by the Greeks. In fact, most likely Philip spoke Greek. So when the Greeks want to meet Jesus, it is reasonable that they would come to Philip to ask him to take them to Jesus. Philip also plays an important role in the feeding of the five thousand in the desert. Fr. Mike then tells the story of Nathaniel whom Jesus saw under the fig tree. Jesus praises him for being straight –forward, “without guile” .Before, Nathaniel had portrayed his prejudice by asking the question. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Fr. Mike elaborates on this statement and on Jesus’ directive to love our enemies and how that really helps us as a person. He shows how these two men of faith can strengthen our own faith.