Faith to Follow: Bethany Friends

When someone we know and love dies, we are naturally sad. Did that happen to Jesus? The gospel of John tells us the story.In this program, Fr. Mike talks about the deep friendship that Jesus had with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. He would often go to their home as he passed through Jerusalem. They were very good friends.So it is no surprise that Martha and Mary tell him of the death of Lazarus. Martha tells him that their brother would not have died had Jesus been there. But Jesus has a different outcome. Fr. Mike explains this friendship and how deeply Jesus was affected. As the gospel says so tersely, “Jesus wept.” He was moved because he loved Lazarus so much. Fr. Mike then goes on to explain how life on earth takes on a different dimension, because there is life after death. This is not the raising from the dead, as happened to Lazarus, but everlasting life. Jesus assures us of this. We can live confidently, securely and at peace because of this tremendous fact. The power of God’s love is that great.