Education That Works

We all know how important education is for everyone. It is particularly so for children of low-income families and more difficult for them to receive a good education. In this documentary on Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) in San Francisco, we see how this can really happen. ICA is a Cristo Rey School, a work/study concept for high school students, the brainstorm of Fr. John Foley, SJ. Cristo Rey schools are a network of schools throughout the US. They give needy students an opportunity to earn part of their tuition by working
five days a month and studying the rest of the time. This is possible through a cooperative program with corporations in the area who hire the students.
In this program, students, faculty, directors and corporate sponsors speak of their roles in this school. Students testify to all that they learn about balancing work and study. They reflect on how real it is to work in a corporate setting that will definitely prepare them for a career later on. ICA offers a full college preparatory program along with the corporate work program. It is challenging for the girls, but all agree it is worth it all. Care of the earth, citizenship, moral and social values are all included in this excellent school. All aim for college at graduation. This program gives new hope, safety, stability and optimism for the children of our nation.